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Frequently Asked Questions - Soliloquy App

FAQs - Soliloquy App

Sometimes your Soliloquy app may crash due to a bug, a failed upgrade, or a variety of other reasons. If this crashing is consistent, try the following before contacting support:

  1. Restart your device - Hold the power/sleep button until the Slide to Power Off message appears to turn your device off. Wait 30 seconds and power it back on using the same button.
  2. Perform a hard reboot of your device - To perform a hard reboot of your device, hold down the Home button and power/sleep button at the same time until the device starts to reboot or about 10 seconds (ignore the Slide to Power Off message).

If you've lost or deleted or your upgraded Soliloquy Pro app, you can get it back by restoring your upgrade with the Restore button.

Yes, Apple allows this as long as you do two things:

  1. Use the same Apple ID on both devices.
  2. You must use the same method to upgrade as you originally used to purchase the app in order not to be charged (see the previous question "I lost my Soliloquy upgrade to Pro. How can I get it back?")

If you want to restore your app to its default state when it was first installed, go the the Settings and scroll to the bottom to find the "Reset to defaults" option. You will be asked to confirm before the app is reset.

To import a monologue, open the email on your device and tap the monologue attachment. Choose the Soliloquy app icon to begin the import. You should receive a confirmation on successful import.

The text of modern plays is copyrighted by their authors or publishers so we are not able to include modern plays in the app. However, we have included over a thousand speeches from plays that are out of copyright and free to use.

In SOliloquy Pro, we have given you the ability to collect and manage your own speeches within the My Library section of the app. Feel free to add any speech there ad share speeches with others.

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