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Historical documents and foreign language versions for King Richard 2.


pdf King Richard 2 Character/Scene Breakdown

Breakdown of all the characters, scene by scene, for doubling.

archive King Richard II

First Folio version (original spelling) in XML created by the Team

pdf King Richard II (Q1)

A facsimile of the First Quarto of 1597.

pdf King Richard II Q1 (1597)

Facsimile of King Richard II, Quarto 1 of 1597.

pdf King Richard II Q2 (1598)

Facsimile of the Second Quarto of 1598.

pdf King Richard II Q4 (1608)

Facsimile of the Fourth Quarto of 1608.

document The Tragedy of Richard II, Pt. 1 Popular

Edited by Dr. Michael Egan

1 Richard II is a natural companion and supplement to Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Richard II (2 Richard II). Set in 1387, twelve years before Bullingbrook's usurpation, the action focuses on the key events of Richard's early reign—the growing political tension between him and his uncles, his marriage to the saintly Anne of Bohemia, the imposition of the Blank Charters tax, his leasing of the kingdom to Bushy, Bagot, Green and Scroop (turning England into a 'pelting farm'), Anne's untimely death, the abduction and murder of Thomas of Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester. The story climaxes at the Battle of Radcot Bridge where the young king and his minions are defeated by Woodstock's brothers, John of Gaunt and Edmund of Langley.


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