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Cymbeline Reviews

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A Cymbeline That Soars on the Magic of Great Stagecraft
Eric MintonEric Minton   October 05, 2012
It was the eagle I was keen to see. That and the thunderbolts. Certainly, I had high hopes for...
The CAA vs. Cymbeline
Jennifer KramerJennifer Kramer   August 12, 2012
The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theater’s Classical Acting Academy, an immersive eight-week program for rising young actors to learn classical acting...
Globe to Globe: The Tale of South Sudan
Craig MelsonCraig Melson   May 08, 2012
This series of reviews will look at ‘Globe to Globe’ productions, an extraordinary effort by London’s Globe Theatre to...
Singular Company Delights with Cymbeline
Roseanne WellsRoseanne Wells   January 21, 2011
Fiasco Theater, with the support of Theatre for a New Audience, makes quite an unpretentious stir with their focused,...
A Simple and Effective Cymbeline
Claudine NightingaleClaudine Nightingale   October 19, 2009
In some ways, the National Youth Theatre’s decision to stage Cymbeline could seem an unusual choice. This play is...
A Goodly Day Not to Keep House
Michael KostroffMichael Kostroff   June 29, 2009
“A Goodly Day Not to Keep House” (Belarius, Act III, Scene III) Cymbeline isn’t one...
Cymbeline Concentrated, Not Diluted
Roseanne WellsRoseanne Wells   October 16, 2008
A black background, exposed brick walls, four benches on stage, and some suggestions as props serve the six-person ensemble...
Lincoln Center's Cymbeline a Spectacle for the Wise
Liz KimberlinLiz Kimberlin   December 16, 2007
Cymbeline is unabashedly a spectacle piece, and Lincoln Center Theater’s production, now at the Vivian Beaumont through January 6,...
Fractured Fairy Tale
Carrie CleavelandCarrie Cleaveland   September 19, 2007
Plucky, rebellious heroine? Check. ...
Cheek by Jowl's Astonishing Cymbeline
Elizabeth BachnerElizabeth Bachner   May 03, 2007
Cymbeline has a reputation as one of Shakespeare’s hardest plays to stage. In Cheek By Jowl’s superb...
10 results - showing 1 - 10

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