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All's Well That Ends Well Reviews

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Time’s Up for Rossillion
Jennifer KramerJennifer Kramer   July 31, 2018
The Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival traditionally concludes their line-up with “Extreme Shakespeare” – an original practices production of one of...
Jennifer KramerJennifer Kramer   December 06, 2016
Despite being the only Shakespeare play with a direct title drop, any production of All’s Well That Ends Well...
All's Swell and Ends Well
Eric MintonEric Minton   July 25, 2013
The little boy wore a formal black suit coat and pants with white T-shirt and red sneakers. His gap-toothed...
A Nobleman, A Commoner and A Royal Baby: Art Imitates Life
Melissa CrismonMelissa Crismon   July 23, 2013
You’re on a budget, but want to enjoy the finer things in life? You have two kids and a...
Love the Man, Forgive the Vice: All's Well That Ends Well
Roseanne WellsRoseanne Wells   June 28, 2011
This year’s offering for Shakespeare in the Park, a New York institution from The Public Theater, is a double...
All's Well in Globe's Mainstage Opener
Christopher AdamsChristopher Adams   May 08, 2011
Having kicked off its season with a full-length reading of the King James Bible over Easter weekend, the Globe...
All's Well - Or Is It?
Claudine NightingaleClaudine Nightingale   May 31, 2009
This season at the National sees the staging of one of Shakespeare’s rarely-performed early tragicomedies....
7 results - showing 1 - 7

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